Crossover coming: Kansas City welcomes professional women’s basketball team

KC Crossover preparing for inaugural season in Global Women’s Basketball Association
KC Crossover -- Professional Women's Basketball Association
Posted at 10:34 PM, May 15, 2023

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Another professional sports team is coming to Kansas City — the KC Crossover, a women's basketball team.

“We have the football team, baseball, the men’s and women’s soccer — why can't we have a professional women's basketball team,” said De’Jionae Calloway, team captain for the KC Crossover.

The team is preparing for its inaugural season in the Global Women’s Basketball Association, a four-team league founded in 2016.

“This is changing history. This is making our stamp,” said Toya Westbrook head coach for the KC Crossover. “As you can see, right now we are without a home gym. We need the money. We need the shoes, we need the socks, we need the wristbands."

Despite building a new team from the ground up, the Crossover say they are determined to put on for their hometown.

“We are hoping to bring women's basketball to a place Kansas City has been trying to get it to for years,” said Stevie Westbrook, a guard for the KC Crossover.

Westbrook said the team is excited to make their presence felt in Kansas City.

“We're ready to make a name for Kansas City," she said. "We're not just the Kansas City Chiefs, we're not just the Royal — we are KC crossover and we're here too, so come see us as well."