Arctic temperatures lead to incredibly low price for Chiefs tickets

Posted at 11:04 AM, Dec 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-18 18:33:29-05

As temperatures continue to plummet, so do the costs for Chiefs tickets to their game at Arrowhead Sunday.

As of Saturday evening, Sunday’s forecasted kickoff temperature against Tennessee (noon CST) is five degrees. While temperature records only go back to 1994 for the franchise, such a frigid temp would be a new Chiefs record at Arrowhead.

"If you're looking for a last minute deal, this is the game to go to,” said Tickets For Less VP of Ticket Operations, Jason Durbin.

Durbin said the company still has hundreds of seats still available, starting at $10 for seats that are face-valued anywhere from $30-$50.

"Usually it's pre-season games about this price range,” he said.

As of Saturday evening, Stub Hub had tickets for the game listed for $6 (plus tax) and Vivid Seats had tickets listed as low as $2 (plus tax). All are profoundly shocking prices considering the prices of NFL tickets in recent years have skyrocketed.

According to Money, this year it will cost a fan more than $270 to enjoy a game at the league’s most expensive stadium.

Vintage ticket stubs found online don’t even run as cheap as Sunday’s game. One claiming to be from Municipal Stadium in 1965 is a ticket for $6, another from 1971 is priced at $11.









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