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Experts say finding healthy routine while visiting 'city that never sleeps' for Super Bowl LVIII is key

People walking in Las Vegas
Posted at 4:32 PM, Feb 07, 2024

LAS VEGAS — Much like New York, Las Vegas is also referred to as the city that never sleeps.

With all the lights, action and entertainment, it's no wonder.

The Las Vegas Strip, equipped with 30 hotels and casinos lining its path, is considered the brightest place on the planet.

Of course visitors know going in they're likely to lose some precious hours of shut eye.

A poll found the average amount of sleep from respondents visiting Las Vegas was around three to six hours, which is well below the eight hours recommended.

And it's not just visitors — even the locals are more likely to stay up late.

According to the Nap Lab, a business dedicated to researching sleep, when it comes to the percentage of workers in a given city who work a night shift, Las Vegas tops the list coming in at 16.53%.

Compare that Kansas City, where only 11.55% of the working population works overnight shifts.

The problem is, whether it's work or play, that lack of sleep can add up in both the short term and the long term.

"So, with the short term, we see some changes in cognition and our thinking," said Dr. Kevin Gray, a doctor with University Health. "Some impaired choices, maybe some balance changes, risks of injury, and certainly sleepiness and feeling tired. Long-term can cause risks such as high blood pressure, mood, and thinking over the long term as well."

So, if you're headed to Vegas keep that in mind.

As for using caffeine to keep you fueled so you don't miss any fun? Remember, it's not so much a fix as it is a way to fake being more awake.

Meanwhile, if you can't grab a cup of joe on the strip, but want to still feel like you're in the game day spirit, there is an option back home in Kansas City.

Parisi Coffee is selling it's own special blend ahead of the Super Bowl, along with a unique Chiefs inspired drink.

"We are doing the KC-Tado, which is a Kansas City themed Cortada," said Eric Scmidt, a manager at Parisi Coffee. "It’s lightly flavored with some strawberry vanilla, and it’s got a garnish of our treasured KC logo right over the top of it with powdered strawberries."

That drink and their special salute blend are available at both the Union Station and Overland Park locations, for a limited time only.