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Fans, writer compare Kansas City and San Francisco ahead of Super Bowl LVIII

Jason Bisson
Posted at 9:07 PM, Feb 05, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On Sunday, Feb. 11, Super Bowl LVIII will feature two cities with tremendously passionate fan bases.

For San Francisco and Kansas City fans, a Super Bowl moment is what they so passionately root for all season.

This week, there will be story lines about the quarterbacks, the players, and the fans, but what about the two cities?

KSHB 41's Megan Abundis spoke with fans and a writer who compared the two cities and what they have to offer.

Though the showdown will be on the field at Allegiant Stadium, the battle extends to cities too.

“We don’t need the bay. We’ve got land — beautiful land,” said Bette Smith, a Chiefs fan.

Aaron Phillips said San Francisco may have the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, but what about Kansas City?

“They’re known for the Golden Gate Bridge, and we’re known for the fountains," Phillips said.

Jason Bisson, editor-in-chief of The Sportsbook Review, compared the two cities in a dozen of categories.

"It’s all meant to provide a lighthearted look at who wins off the field," Bisson said.

All the way from Canada, he wanted to find out which city is better, from the culture to the food.

If you ask Kansas Citians, there's no question who has better food.

"They’re on the Bay; they get different food than we get. Obviously, we got barbecue," Phillips said.

Smith said, "I’d rather have a steak than a lobster."

Bisson dove into many different categories — which city is home to the most famous people, who has the best weather, and even airport quality made the list.

"That one was actually super close," Bisson said about the airport.

Bisson compared mascots, too.

“KC Wolf vs. Sourdough Sam," he said.

There’s only 20 professional mascots in the Hall of Fame, one of them being KC Wolf.

"Discovering that he made a tackle of what would be an NFL Pro Bowl field invader, but for me being inducted into the mascot hall of fame,” Bisson said.

According to his review, Kansas City won the battle.

“Kansas City won fairly,” he said.

It wouldn’t be a competition without some talk of sports betting.

Kansas is among the 38 states that allow sports wagering. Of the 50 million sports betters nationwide, a certain category is in the limelight — prop bets.

According to Bisson, prop bets are side wagers, not about the game but something else.

The Taylor Swift category is gaining attention.

"The variety of odds for Taylor Swift props is off the charts," Bisson said. “From as simple as, will she be shown on the national anthem? To who will be her maid of honor in her wedding to Travis Kelce?"

Bisson says people are cheering and betting on story lines.

“Everybody’s talking about betting if they are going to get engaged or not. I don’t think so. He’s got too much class to do that,” said Smith.