Former Chiefs players remember Norma Hunt's influence

Danan Hughes
Posted at 7:21 PM, Jun 05, 2023

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On Monday, former Kansas City Chiefs players took the time to remember Norma Hunt and the impact she made.

Former Chiefs quarterback Trent Green held his annual Golf Classic at Oakwood Country Club on Monday, where many former Chiefs shared stories of Hunt.

"She was the epitome of class, I think the whole family is that if you ask a lot of the former players, with the interactions that we've had over the years," said Danan Hughes, former Chiefs wide receiver.

What many remember most about Norma Hunt was how caring and classy she was.

"You respect that so much, because they just treated everybody the same and just had great hearts and it was just really special anytime she was around," Green said. "She always made you feel welcome, and that's the thing I'll remember the most."

Whether you spent minutes with Hunt or years, everyone who encountered her said they were blessed to know the First Lady of Football.

"You could talk to them any time, or call them anytime, night or day, they would take the phone call," said Bobby Bell, former Chiefs linebacker.

Norma Hunt was by her husband's side through the merger of the AFL and the NFL, as well as the formation of MLS, World Championship Tennis, the North American Soccer League and investing in the Chicago Bulls.

"She loves sports too just like Lamar, she loved all that hockey and all that, she loved all that stuff, they were just two of a kind," Bell said.

In February, Norma Hunt was present for Super Bowl LVII when the Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles in Arizona. She is the only woman to attend every Super Bowl ever played.

"It was fitting that she got to experience that while she was alive because I know we tried and we failed, but it's just great that that kind of family got to experience everything, just like the greatness that we got to experience with them," Hughes said.