Health department data shows increase of critical violations at Arrowhead, Kauffman

Posted at 9:06 PM, May 18, 2015
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The number of critical health violations keeps going up at food stands at Kauffman Stadium & Arrowhead Stadium. 

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41 Action News analyzed data from Kansas City Health Department inspection reports of Aramark concession stands at both Arrowhead and Kauffman:

  • Critical violations cited at Arrowhead have more than doubled from 2012 to last season
  • Critical violations at Kauffman this season (as of early May) have nearly surpassed the numbers for the entire 2012 season

“That should be a message to the managing company that we're still doing inspections, we're still citing violations, and probably they need to change some of their practices,” said Naser Jouhari, manager at the Kansas City Health Department.

Since 2012, the data of critical health code violations from Kauffman Stadium show an alarming trend:

The data from Arrowhead health inspections tells a similar tale, more than doubling the number of inspections since 2012:

Aramark declined our request to explain the increase in critical violations at its concession stands at Arrowhead and Kauffman, but the company did send us this statement:

“As previously discussed, and the Kansas City Health Department has affirmed, the food at Kauffman Stadium is safe to eat and enjoy. Aramark manages over 70 individually licensed locations at the stadium, which is equivalent to operating 70 different restaurants under one roof during each home game. It’s a highly complex operation with 700 dedicated employees working incredibly hard to serve 38,000 fans a huge amount of food as fast as possible in a small window of time. We take food safety very seriously everywhere we operate and welcome the Health Department’s inspections of our operations, because we want fans to be assured the food they purchase is prepared and served in the safest environment.” - Carl Mittleman, President, Aramark, Sports & Entertainment

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