McBroom, O'Hearn battle for Royals' first base job at spring training

Posted at 5:41 PM, Feb 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-19 19:32:53-05

SURPRISE, Ariz. — Spring training always presents position battles.

One of those battles shaping up for the Royals comes at first base between Ryan McBroom and Ryan O'Hearn, but there's no shortage of options for how to handle the position in 2020.

It could be as simple as one wins the every-day job, while the other is benched or sent to the minors. But it's also possible the Royals will opt for a platoon first base during the upcoming season.

"That's how it's always been," McBroom said. "High school and college, there's always another guy, another two or three guys, that you have to perform with and compete and make each other better. That's how sports will always be, especially at this level."

McBroom speaks highly of O’Hearn and said the competition has made them closer.

“That’s how it always is every year," McBroom said. "There is somebody I compete with and, most of the time, it’s one of your good friends. We both can make a team. I play outfield as well. There’s DH. There’s 26 guys now on the roster. I’m really not seeing it as one-on-one.”

If McBroom wins outright in spring training, O'Hearn will most likely be sent back down to the minors, because he still has two options.

If O'Hearn earns the job, McBroom may serve as a back-up outfielder who occasionally plays first base, but he also could get sent down to Class AAA Omaha.