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Chiefs fans across the globe support team ahead of Super Bowl LV

Chiefs fans across the globe
Posted at 4:42 PM, Feb 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-02 19:34:55-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — There are Chiefs fans all across the United States and even the world.

"There are good vibes coming from LA," said Melanie Knopke, a Chiefs fan living in Los Angeles.

The love stretches not only from coast to coast but across the globe, even reaching Asia.

"We are in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia," said Erinn Fischer, who is from Kansas City but currently lives in Mongolia with her family.

The country of Mongolia, which borders Russia and China, is in a time zone 14 hours ahead of the U.S. That means Fischer and her family will watch the Super Bowl on Monday morning.

"We get up at 4 or 5 in the morning to watch the Chiefs game because we have a few select family members who have a hard time not telling us what the score is," Fischer said. "We make breakfast pizza since it's really early in the morning. It's hard but it's fun."

In the United States, there are Chiefs fans in every state, as evidenced by the 41 Action News Fans Across Chiefs Kingdom Map.

People in Georgia have mixed feelings on who will win on Sunday.

"People are like, 'oh, it's (Tom) Brady.' But then have you not seen (Patrick) Mahomes? You can't bet against the guy," said Samir Patel, a Chiefs fan who lives in Atlanta.

Over in Arkansas, the Steele family said they got lucky by moving to a neighborhood full of Chiefs fans.

"We actually live on a street where there are two other houses with Chiefs flags, too. So we live on a very Kansas City Chiefs street, which is really fun," Ryland Steele said.

All the way in California, Chiefs fans have found other diehard enthusiasts to watch the game with.

"It's hard enough not being there and with the energy. So we have to create our own energy here," Knopke said.

Then there is Lance Fields, who works in Buccaneers country and can see the NFL Experience outside his work window in Tampa, Florida.

"I think you know from a Tampa standpoint, they have Brady. They're holding on to that hope that he can do it one more time," Fields said.

Chiefs supporters said no matter the distance, come Sunday, they will all be cheering for the Chiefs.