Royals pride takes on new meaning at FanFest

Posted at 10:19 AM, Feb 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-01 11:19:22-05

Have you had a chance to sit back and digest what actually happened in "Crown Town" this week? 

Royals fans are still on cloud nine after winning the World Series. While FanFest has been a staple for years, this one may have been the best one ever!  Most years, we head to Bartle Hall with a high hopes and dreams of the playoffs. 

For the second straight season, Royals fans are celebrating long anticipated Championships! American League  Central Division Champs for the first time ever. Back-to-back American League Champs , and the biggest prize in the game, World Series Champions.

It was good to see the team celebrating the achievement with a World Series patch on the right sleeve of this year's jersey.  This literally allows the Boys in Blue to wear their pride on their sleeve.  

General Manager Dayton Moore said that during a recent trip to the Royals Academy in the Dominican Republic, he was moved by how proud the players were to be a part of the organization. This is when the reality sank in. The team he had helped to build, the seeds that had been planted so many years ago, had  blossomed into the very best baseball team in the world.

It's unrealistic for fans to expect any team to make it to the World Series every year, but the thing we've all learned over the past two seasons is, it sure is fun when they do. 

It's going to be even more exciting defending our World Championship this summer.  If we celebrate our football team throughout the "Kingdom,"  then it's only fitting to root for another Royals crown this season at "The Kastle."