TPC Scottsdale's loudest hole draws parallels to NFL's loudest stadium

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Posted at 11:03 AM, Feb 10, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-10 12:03:00-05

PHOENIX — Phoenix is bustling. Not only is the Super Bowl in town this weekend but the WM Phoenix Open is in full swing, too.

Hundreds of thousands of spectators are expected to come to the tournament where the legendary 16th hole has become known as the loudest hole.

Chiefs Kingdom certainly understands cheering loudly after breaking the Guinness World Record in 2014. GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium hit 142.2 decibels.

KSHB 41 decided to download a sound meter app to test out just how loud TPC Scottsdale's "The Coliseum" truly is.

The unofficial data showed the meter peaking over 100 several times.

“I can’t imagine being the players. That’s serious pressure going on there,” attendee Jenny Sullivan said of the noise.

The ruckus was enough to catch the attention of Kansas City fan Tara McFarling who called the 16th hole the "Arrowhead of golf."

“It’s extremely loud,” she said. “It’s the most amazing experience of golf I’ve ever had.”

Gathering a few laughs from the crowd, McFarling's nickname for the hole has a shot at catching on.

“One hundred percent,” said spectator Colby Sullivan. “You could make a T-shirt!”