Kansas Speedway opens new BBQ joint just in time for this weekend's races

KANSAS CITY, Kansas - 'Drivers, start your engines' will have a whole new meaning at the Kansas Speedway this weekend.

"We come in at 3:00 in the morning, we start firing it up, explained Carl Van Wagner. "This weekend alone we are looking at about 1,000 pounds of pork butt and about 600 pounds of brisket."

Executive chef Carl Vanwagner has worked in and out of kitchens for nearly two decades and for the first time ever he'll feed hundreds of hungry sports fans recipes he handcrafted for Up in Smoke, the newest food option at Kansas Speedway.

"True authentic smoked meat straight out of the smoker on to your plate," he said. "We felt it should be real and authentic since we are in such a big barbecue city. that's the background I have - I've done a lot of barbecue in my day so we made some investments to get the smokers we need to execute it, got the equipment we needed to execute it, and then we worked in research and developing the recipes."

For the first time in a couple of years, the Kansas Speedway has a brand new concession stand and the goal is to give race fans who come to the barbecue capital of the world, a quality eating experience right inside the track.

The chef smokes the meat for nine to 11 hours.

"Breaking bread is the oldest form of hospitality, so if we can present them with good food, and be hospitable there we won't ruin the experience," said Van Wagner. "Obviously the real experience is the race and everyone is here to see the race, we want to make sure we can make an impact that won't leave a lasting memory in a negative manner."

Or a bad taste in fans' mouths.

Up in Smoke is near section 134.



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