QuikTrip adds Amazon Lockers for shipped package pickup

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A convenience store chain has teamed up with Amazon to provide a locker for package shipping and returns. 

Brady Hatton is a regular at QuikTrip. 

“I got coffee, some chips and stuff like that.  Gas, oh and beer.” 

Soon he’ll be able to add packages to the list of items he picks up there. 

The convenience store chain has teamed up with Amazon, and plans on placing an Amazon Locker at QuikTrip locations in Missouri and Kansas.

It’s something that can’t come to Linda Hunter’s Waldo neighborhood soon enough. 

In this season of giving, crooks seem to be taking. 

“It’s happened a lot in my neighborhood. This particular block has an email that goes around and several people have lost packages from their porch,” she said.

Some of the thefts were caught on camera, but not all the merchandise has been retrieved. 

Hunter has also come across another problem. 

“Those boxes have been here for three days. UPS delivered them to my house. They’re not my address.  They’re two blocks over. I called immediately and somebody said within an hour we’ll have someone call you and pick them up. Well, they didn’t,” Hunter said. 

Here’s how it works: 

1. If you shop online at Amazon, you’ll be able to select the nearest Amazon Locker location to drop off your package. 

2. Once delivered, you’ll receive a code via text. 

3. You enter the code, and there’s your package.  A sure way to fight off the porch pirates.  

Amazon Lockers are now available in cities such as Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Portland. 



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