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Viral videos capture toddler with ‘Golden Girls’ hairstyle doing what the retirees do

Viral videos capture toddler with ‘Golden Girls’ hairstyle doing what the retirees do
Posted at 9:10 AM, Feb 26, 2024

When hairstylist Trina King posted a TikTok video of her toddler granddaughter sporting a retro hairstyle and set to “The Golden Girls” theme song, she never imagined the attention it would get.

The 18-second video of 1-year-old Evelyn Mae dancing while eating chocolate in her grandmother’s salon and sporting a “wet set” bouffant, done by King herself, hit the jackpot of #toddlersoftiktok cuteness, “Golden Girls” fandom and humor.

The Feb. 12 video now has 1.4 million views and more than 206,000 comments. Among them were commenters who clearly loved adorable Evelyn Mae and her mature hairstyle.

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“She is feathered and teased and also ready for bingo,” wrote TikTok user ii_am_almond.

Both toddlers and seniors have thinner hair to make the Betty White look work, as TikToker user Kelsey Vancleef noted, posting, “Seeing her scalp through her lil baby hairs just makes this so realistic.”

And Withloveshelbi knew she recognized her. “She sold me some Mary Kay last week! She also makes a mean pot roast.”

Here’s the video at @trina_____king:


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♬ The Golden Girls – The Main Title Theme – TV Themes

King has turned the viral video into a whole series. She posted several other Evelyn Mae video montages set to “The Golden Girls” openers, with similarly positive results. One even has 15.2 million views.

“I was not expecting that,” King told “Today.” “It’s made so many people happy.”

She even reposted one — where Little Evelyn Mae wears a sparkly tracksuit top, pops her hip with attitude, dances, and pulls Werther’s Original candies out of her pink toy purse — to a gospel remix version of the theme song.


Replying to @smileysshowcase

♬ original sound – finallyaaron2

The toddler does require some coaxing to sit still for the 20 minutes it takes for her hair to be done. King told “Today” that she and Evelyn Mae’s mom, Autumn Mathas, who is also a hairstylist, have to “make sure she’s in a good mood, has a full belly and takes a nap.” The little girl also watches YouTuber Ms. Rachel while getting the perfect style.

The most recent “toddler as a Florida retiree” video featured Evelyn Mae grocery shopping. She peruses the Nilla wafers and shampoo and ultimately writes a check for just over a buck.

This led to a most-liked comment by TikToker Costa Rica, who said, “The summer of 87′ Evelyn Mae showed me how to fill out a check at the local supermarket.”


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♬ The Golden Girls – TV Themes

This isn’t the first hairstyle King has shown off on Evelyn Mae. She also posted a video on Dec. 1, 2023, of her granddaughter with long curls up in a ponytail. And her first video of the little girl was a June 2022 one right after her birth.

We’re looking forward to future “episodes” with our new favorite toddler Golden Girl.

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