Weather Blog: Best chance for snow since Dec. 22 this week in Kansas City

Winter Weather Advisory in KC-region Tuesday through Thursday
Posted at 9:31 PM, Jan 23, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-23 22:49:05-05

Hi Bloggers!

We are back.

Before I dive into our next winter storm, let me say thank you. I want to thank you for reading our blog. I want to thank you for interacting with us about the information we post in our blog. That's why I call it our blog. It's yours also. Comments welcomed.

And, let me thank you for your time, energy and passion about our blog. I appreciate the concern you showed while it sat idle for a bit.

Please know, your KSHB 41 Weather Team continues to work through the transition of a new Chief Meteorologist, Mike Nicco, and a new member, Cassie Wilson. This journey takes a lot of time and energy. You can compare it to learning a new language.

We know how to forecast the weather and convey that information to you in a timely and useful message. Now we are trying to accomplish this using a new language.

Imagine not being able, at all, to use the language you spoke the past 16 years.
Everything I said to you in my original message posted to my personal Facebook page still holds true.

We will continue to work tirelessly, as a team, to meet your weather needs and keep you safe. We will never take your trust in us for granted.

Hope you enjoyed this Monday. Always easier after a Chiefs win.
Today's numbers:
High: 44° at 3:46 PM
Low: 23° at 7:39 AM
Averages: 38°/19°

Winter is back.

On to the forecast:
A mostly cloudy sky usually inhibits fog formation but not tonight. Moisture from snowmelt and moisture leaking from our wet soil saturates the air.

My concern comes from all that suspended moisture being influence by temperatures cooling below freezing. This is a recipe for freezing fog and black ice. Please be careful tomorrow morning, especially traveling across elevated surfaces like bridges and overpasses. Cars left outside acquire a thin layer of frost.

Winter Weather Advisory

Our best chance for snow since Dec. 22nd arrives tomorrow night. Current forecast data says our next winter storm produces the most snow so far this season. A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY issued for accumulating snow from 6 pm Tuesday through 12 pm Wednesday.

Best chance for measurable since December 22nd.

Upper air analysis shows snow production above a thin layer of air warmer than freezing at the surface. Initially a wintry mix of rain and snow falls but quickly turns to all snow late in the evening. The initial rain is light but could weaken treated streets. Accumulating snow overnight keeps our street crews busy.

Upper Air Analysis
Potential Snow Total

Our next chance of snow pops up during the "5th Annual Arrowhead Invitational" Sunday. This storm carries air cold enough for only snow. Timing and accumulations a bit too early to nail down. For sure, you need to dress warmer than last week's game.

AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead Sunday