KSHB 41 Weather | Comfortable temperatures, poor air quality through Thursday.

Slight chance for light showers late Thursday night, better chance Monday.
and last updated 2023-09-06 23:56:47-04


  • Poor air quality lingers through Thursday
  • Chiefs home opener weather is nearly perfect
  • Chance for light showers Thursday night - Friday morning
  • Best chance for storms waits until Monday


Tonight: Hazy sky overnight leads to an orange third quarter moon at moonrise (11:41pm).
Low: 56°
Wind: N 5-10 mph

Chiefs Thursday: Enjoy sunshine and seasonal highs, a few degrees warmer than today. Winds slow to manageable speeds and smoke begins to disperse. Evening high clouds create a colorful sunset (7:39pm)..
High: 83° tailgating, 81° at kickoff, 74° heading home.
Wind: ENE 5-10 mph

Friday: The sunshine in our sky and blue hue become brighter as smoke continues to dissipate. Highs and humidity levels remain seasonally comfortable.
Low: 63°
High: 84°
Wind: E 5-10 mph

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