Weather Blog | A run at 70°, update on Super Bowl Sunday storm system

Posted at 12:46 PM, Feb 06, 2024

Good Tuesday bloggers,

We are still tracking two storm systems. They are timed for Wednesday-Thursday and Super Bowl Sunday. Each one will affect us in totally different ways and one may not have much an effect.


Let's go through this.

It is another day where we will be warmer than Las Vegas as the first storm we are tracking is still bringing rain to the southwest USA. Look at the radar as of 11:40 a.m., there is still rain, heavy at times, falling from Las Vegas, to LA, to Phoenix.


Rainfall has been quite impressive. Las Vegas officially has seen about 0.50" the last two days. Average for the first five days of February in Las Vegas is 0.11". Actually, the 0.37" they received yesterday was a daily record. The 3.3" on the map below is radar estimated and just west of the official reporting station where the heavier band set up.

Los Angeles downtown and the airport yesterday received 2.93" and 2.57" of rain, respectively. These were both daily records. So far in the first five days of February LA downtown has seen 8.72" of rain, while the airport has seen 6.92". Some locations around LA have seen 10-15" of rain! Average for the first 5 days of February in LA is 0.50"! Remember, it is still pouring there.

If you look at the right of the map you can see the rain we had where 0.50"-2" of rain occurred just southwest of downtown KC over the weekend.


Since we are talking about rain, what is the latest on the drought? California is looking really good after the wet year last year. There is hardly any drought in the state.

There are still areas of drought in the middle of the USA. But, when you look close, our area is mostly out of the drought.


A level 1, 2 of 5 is still found from Topeka, to Maryville, Missouri, and from Iola, Kansas, to Quincy, Illinois. But, a good portion of the area is in no drought.


The storm that is pounding the southwest USA will head into the Plains Wednesday and Thursday. It will race through the western Plains on its way to the northern Plains. This will force even warmer air north and bring the chance for a brief period of rain.


It will become windy from the south at 15-25 mph, gust 30-35 mph along with a thick high and mid level overcast. A few sprinkles are possible as highs reach the low 60s.


A brief band of rain, perhaps a thunderstorm, will race through between midnight and 7 a.m., bringing a trace to .25". There will be a south wind at 15-30 mph. This will keep lows at 50°-55° which is 10-15 degrees above an average high. The record high low is 56° set in 1966, so we will be close.


As the storm races in to the northern Plains our area will enter the "dry slot" of the storm during the day. This means it becomes sunny and very windy. South-southwest winds will gust to 45 mph. But, with sunshine and a southwest wind and the low being in the 50s, it will allow temperatures to soar. Right now we are going 68°, but it could easily reach 70°-75° if the maximum clearing occurs at the time when we see peak heating. Peak heating this time of year is around 1-3 p.m. and there is a trend in this direction. The record high is 68° set in 1938. So, we could break a record high low and high high on Thursday. This a 180 from the breaking of five consecutive record low lows and low highs back in January.


While the first storm is bringing wind and possible record warmth to our region the second storm to track will be bringing more rain and mountain snow to the southwest USA. The precipitation will not be nearly as prolific as it was with the first one.


These will be nice days with highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s with sunshine and much less wind.

There is a strong trend towards the storm tracking well south of our area. It may even be farther south than what this maps shows. This would mean Super Bowl Sunday around here will be a decent day with periods of clouds and highs around 50°. Could it come farther north and affect us with rain and snow? Yes, but the chance is down to 20%.

The weather will finally straighten out in Las Vegas by Sunday. Highs will be near 60° with a light wind and no rain. I know the game is indoors, but we know there will be much activity outdoors.


Have a great rest of your week
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