Weather Blog: Fire Danger to Flash Flood Watch

Posted at 12:23 PM, Mar 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-12 13:42:50-05

Good Friday bloggers,

This has been an interesting week of weather as we have gone from very dry and windy to rainy. Or from a high fire danger to flash flood threat. This is the Plains for you.

Remember Monday-Wednesday where we saw non-thunderstorm winds gust to 45-60 mph? The humidity was low and the ground was dry, creating a high fire danger. There were brush fires in Johnson county and bigger ones in Oklahoma. Our sky turned hazy from the smoke and some blowing dust.


What a difference 3 days make. We had a round of rain and thunderstorms Wednesday night (.10"-75") and now we are in for several rounds of rain and some thunderstorms through Monday. A Flash Flood Watch is in effect from southwest Kansas to Kentucky where rainfall amounts will be higher than along and north of I-70.


We are tracking a slow moving storm system that is now in the southwest USA. It will take until Sunday to get to the Plains and Monday night to pass our area. So, this means periods of rain and drizzle through Monday. The days with the heaviest rain appear to be today and Sunday.

There will be many hours tonight through Saturday night where it is barely raining, drizzling or dry.


Details on this storm and the weekend forecast are in the 5 minute video below.

Have great weekend, stay dry and healthy.