Weather Blog - Huge Hail Misses Our Region

Huge Hail In Texas & Oklahoma
Posted at 7:32 AM, Apr 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-29 08:34:54-04

Good morning bloggers,

Kansas City just barely missed having some huge hail storms. Take a look at these huge hail stones:

Huge Hail In Texas & Oklahoma

Hail is formed in a violent process within cumulonimbus clouds. Raindrops get caught in strong updrafts, and then the raindrop will freeze into a small hailstone. Then, it will fall to the ground, or get picked back up violently and brought back up to the freezing level where it gathers new raindrops and forms into a larger hailstone. This process can happen many times. When you cut a hailstone in half it will have layers, and each layer is a time it went up and down within that cumulonimbus cloud.

Rainfall As Of 10 PM
Rainfall For The Month

We ended up having 0.03" more, so the monthly total is now 4.90".

The weather is becoming spectacular the next two days! It will be nearly perfect this afternoon. The grass will grow, so get ready to mow! The next storm is due in Sunday or Monday. We will discuss the details in-depth with KC's most accurate forecast on 41 Action News today and tonight!

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