Weather Blog: Quiet Weather Pattern for Now

Posted at 8:22 AM, Jan 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-04 09:22:02-05

Good Saturday bloggers,

2020 is off to a quiet weather start, but there are signs of a change in 5-7 days. There are a series of systems lining up in the Pacific Ocean that will track quickly across the USA the next 10-15 days. They will be weak through Wednesday and then we will see stronger systems. The impact for our region is still a question as it looks like we will be on the western edge of the precipitation from the systems.

What about cold air? Arctic air is bottled up across Alaska and northern Canada. This has a chance to come down by the end of the month. Prior to that, we may see pieces of it from time to time. So, overall the next 2 weeks will see above average temperatures with cold shots. When you combine the storm systems with cold shots, it means the weather will become more active with wilder temperature swings and chances for a variety of precipitation. Now, some of the storm system before the 20th, may miss us to the east. We will take a look at this again tomorrow.

This weekend will see quiet weather as the main feature will be a warm front.

TODAY: It will be sunny with highs in the 40s. It will be in the 50s across northern Nebraska. We will have a 10-20 mph breeze from the northwest shifting to the southwest.

TONIGHT: It will be clear as the warm front moves through. Temperatures will drop to the 30s this evening and then rise to the low and mid 40s by morning as winds pick up from the southwest at 10-25 mph.

SUNDAY: The warm front will be followed by a very, very, very weak cold front. Highs will reach 45°-50° with a northwest breeze at 10-20 mph. Keep in mind the average low is 20° and the average high is 38° this time of year around here.

Also, the fires in Australia have been so devastating, but Sunday there is a tiny bit of hope. Not only will temperatures be a bit cooler, but there is a chance for a little bit of rain. This is not enough to solve the problem, but it can't hurt. The main fires are in southeast Australia and at 3 PM our time today there may be some rain. Now, 3 PM Saturday our time, is 8 AM Sunday there. They are 17 hours ahead of us.

Have a great first weekend of 2020.