Weather Blog: Several Weather Changes the next 7 Days

Posted at 7:50 AM, Jan 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-12 08:50:01-05

Good Chiefs Sunday bloggers,

Wow! The Titans did it, so if the Chiefs win today the AFC Championship game is at Arrowhead next Sunday. We would love to show the Chiefs forecast for Arrowhead next Sunday, but we must take care of business today.

KCI received 3.7" of snow on Saturday and this is the official reporting station for Kansas City. This brings our season snow total up to 9.3" which is just 1.5" away from average KC snowfall by the end of January.

We have a series of weather changes the next 7 days and we may see rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow again. Let's go through this day by day.

CHIEFS SUNDAY: A few snow showers have moved through this morning, bringing a dusting to some locations along and east of I-35. It will be mostly cloudy and dry until 4-5 PM when our next system moves in. This is a weak one and will bring scattered rain, sleet and snow showers from around I-70 and points north 5-10 PM. We do not expect any road issues. 1/2" of snow may occur in northwest Missouri. Don't be surprised at the end of the Chiefs game if a brief shower of snow, sleet. rain moves by.


MONDAY: The clouds will hang tough as we track another small system. A few rain showers are possible later in the afternoon and evening with highs 35-40. Tonight, after any mixed showers it will remain cloudy with lows 25-30. Watch for refreezing.


TUESDAY: This looks like the nicest day of the week as the sun returns. Highs will reach the low to mid 40s. Arctic air is lurking in the northern Plains, while it is around 70 in Texas.


WEDNESDAY: Another storm system will race across the Plains. We may see a brief rain, sleet or snow shower, but the main issue is that it will bring a blast of cold behind it. Look how cold it is in Bismarck, ND Wednesday morning. Wait until you see the low there Thursday morning.


THURSDAY: Ouch! Bismarck, ND may drop to -30 Thursday morning while we sit at the south edge of the major cold. It is going to be crucial to see how deep in the cold air we get Thursday morning, because a wet storm arrives Thursday night. This run of data has us dropping to 15-20, but look how close the single digits are. 0 and 2 in Des Moines and Omaha respectively.


THURSDAY NIGHT-FRIDAY: OK, here we go again. The next wet storm arrives Thursday night as our temperatures are rising. This data has us at 32 and rising which would mean mostly rain and thunderstorms with ice to the north. What if the cold air comes in stronger and we are 25-30? Then, we could have quite an ice storm before temperatures attempt to warm up above freezing. This is another storm to watch closely as total rainfall may reach 1" to 2". Another storm with more than the entire January average.


You can see by Friday afternoon we should get above freezing, but how long will it take? How much rain falls before we rise above 32? This is quite a storm with more rain, thunderstorms, ice and snow. Temperatures will range from the 60s south to below zero north.


SATURDAY: After the storm the Arctic air may truly blast in for the first time this season. This data has us at 10-15 for highs. Also, Friday night into early Saturday we could see snow at the end of the big storm as the cold air rushes back in.


We are in an active weather pattern and the end of the week storm will need much updating. But first, today is Chiefs Sunday. How exciting will it be if (when) the win? GO CHIEFS!