Weather Blog: Snow tonight will lead to slushy am commute Wednesday in Kansas City

The latest on the timing, amounts and concerns with the next round of snow arriving tonight
Posted at 11:31 AM, Jan 24, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-24 23:02:29-05
Storm Timeline
What To Expect

Our current winter storm continues to move south to north across Kansas City now. In the beginning you will notice some light rain with temperatures in the middle 30s. The transition to snow occurs by midnight. Our window for best snow accumulation opens at midnight and closes at 6am.

Winter Weather Advisory
Winter Weather Advisory


  • Now - 12am: Rain mixes with and eventually changes to snow. Temperatures drop to 33-33°. Roads are mainly wet at this time.
  • 12am - 6am: Widespread snow begins accumulating as temperatures cool to 31-33°. I'm tapering our snow amounts do to the later arrival of cooler temperatures. But 1 degree colder would increase the accumulation & impacts to the roads drastically! This is most likely southeast of Kansas City and least likely northwest of Kansas City.

Snow Amounts:
Kansas City could pick up between a dusting-2" of snow, mainly on grassy, untreated and elevated surfaces. Lesser amounts of a Trace-1" is expected northwest of KC with totals between of 1-3" possible southeast of KC.

Snow Potential
Forecast Snow Totals

We continue to note the heavier snow accumulations south of the I-44 corridor from southeastern Missouri to northern Arkansas. This is where the Winter Storm Warning is in effect through Wednesday afternoon! Definitely want to avoid traveling in this part of the country Wednesday.

Winter Weather Alerts
Winter Weather from Mid-South to Northeast Tomorrow

Road Conditions:
Drive carefully on your Wednesday morning commute! Roads will likely remain wet (most interstates and most traveled roads) to slushy, however, some of our neighborhood streets, untreated surfaces and bridges/overpasses could have more slick spots to watch for.
You might want to leave your windshield wipers up or put a sheet on your windshield. This will keep ice from forming and sticking to your windshield and freezing your windshield wipers to your windshield.

Like other storms this season, this one doesn't come without challenges. A degree or two matters, especially when we're talking about accumulating versus melting snow! Temperatures hover near 32° all morning before and after you leave for work or school.

The entire team KSHB 41 Weather Team is working tonight and tomorrow to provide you with the latest information about this evolving and constantly changing forecast.

Our morning show begins earlier than normal Wednesday morning. Join Meteorologist Lindsey Anderson and Meteorologist Cassie Wilson for the latest details on TV and streaming starting at 4 a.m. Wednesday. Cassie will be in Storm Tracker to let you know how conditions are fairing for the commute. Keep an eye on those temperatures. A difference in 1 degree can change accumulations andmpacts in your area. S