Weather Blog: Super Bowl Champs and Snow

Posted at 12:41 PM, Feb 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-03 13:41:10-05

Good World Championship Monday bloggers,

Wow! What a game and what a weather pattern. Look at the temperatures today. It is in the 60s from KC south and dropping to the 30s north. The colder air will take over all locations tonight and this sets the stage for a two part storm system. Let's go through this.

TUESDAY 7 AM-NOON: It will likely be cold and dry for the morning rush hour. Snow will increase and move in after 9-10 AM. So, by noon roads could get slick. This data has the snow just starting at noon. Temperatures will be in the 20s, so roads will become slick quick.

TUESDAY NOON-7 PM: Snow will be likely over all locations. This has the snow not reaching northern Missouri, but it will. The Tuesday evening rush hour will likely be slick with temperatures in the 20s. A mix will be close to the south. We will have to watch to see if our snow starts as sleet.

TUESDAY NIGHT: The snow will taper to flurries with 1" to 3" possible. So, by Wednesday morning there may be flurries with temperatures in the 20s. Surfaces will be slick, especially untreated ones.

This is the timeline for part one of the storm.

WEDNESDAY: This is when we have to watch part two of the storm closely as it races up I-35. This data as the northwest edge of the snow to downtown KC, right where the parade will be. As you can see this is a very tough forecast. If there is a shift north or south by 30-50 miles it will make a massive difference in the KC weather. There is a trend for KC to be in the snow. This second part is much stronger than part one, so the more we are in it, the more snow we will see. Regardless of the snow, it will be cold for the parade with temperatures in the 20s and wind chill values 5° to 15°.

If we really get into part two, then it could snow into Thursday morning. If we get a glance, then the snow ends Wednesday night.

SNOWFALL FORECAST: This is a map showing the two part total. Part one delivers 1"-3". So, part two could deliver 1"-5". This data has KC receiving about 1"-2" for each part. This is far from set as you can imagine from our discussion above.

Have a great week!