Weather Blog: Tracking Two Cold Fronts

Posted: 12:32 PM, Feb 17, 2020
Updated: 2020-02-17 13:32:04-05

Good Monday bloggers,

We are going to make a run at 60° today ahead of two cold fronts. So, yes this will be the warmest day of the week. Spring is only 31 days away, unreal! "School Day at the K" is 79 days away from today which means it is on May 6th. The weather today sure makes you think about baseball, but we are not done with winter yet.

TODAY: A warm front moved through this morning with low clouds and a few showers and drizzle. We are going to spend the afternoon in the warm sector of this weak system with sunshine. So, making a run at 60° will be easy. If some areas in KC got closer to 65° it would not be a surprise. As of noon, Topeka, KS was already 59°. The cold front will arrive this evening. It is the first of two cold fronts this week and it is not that strong.


TUESDAY: The first front will drop our temperatures to average for this time of year. This means lows in the 20s and highs in the low 40s. Clouds will increase tonight with the first front and then leave tomorrow afternoon.


WEDNESDAY: The second front moves through, so highs will drop to the low and mid 30s. It will become cloudy as a storm organizes in the western Plains.


WEDNESDAY NIGHT: The snow increases across western Kansas. It looks like it will mostly stay out there as the storm system sags south. You can see that there are some eastward extensions that just miss us on this data. There is a 20% chance at this time that one of those eastward extensions is strong enough to clip us with light snow. There are a couple of models that do bring the snow in with around 1". Something to watch for sure. Lows will be in the teens and 20s.


THURSDAY: Whether we get clipped by snow or not, the main part of the storm will sag south and we will see the sun return. It will stay cold with highs in the 30s, but the Arctic air will stay north.


SNOWFALL FORECAST: Right now it looks lie 3"-6", possibly 7"-8" of snow for the western Plains. This data has us at zero, but we could see an 1" Wednesday night if the eastward extension of this system is a bit stronger.


Friday will warm back up to the 40s and a rain system is possible next weekend.

Have a great week.