Some areas may see cloud cover during total solar eclipse

Posted at 5:20 PM, Aug 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-18 18:20:19-04

We are less than three days away from a total solar eclipse that has captivated the entire country.

Viewers of the eclipse are expected to be greater in numbers than the moon landing, and most of them have never seen a solar eclipse before. 

Your 41 Action News weather team has been watching the weather data very closely as the possibility of clouds have been in the forecast for the past week. 

Several possible weather scenarios could happen which would make viewing of the eclipse different depending on which one occurs.

The good news is that we are NOT predicting widespread, thick cloud cover to obstruct the sky completely. However, we are anticipating that some areas could see at least a small amount of cloud cover during the event. 

An overcast sky would mean that viewers on the ground would only see darkening conditions while the eclipse itself would be obscured by the clouds but this is an unlikely scenario. 

The best-case scenario is if our area only sees a few low or thin clouds, which would allow for the greatest viability of all phases. Under partly cloudy skies, clouds would appear black during the partial eclipse phases while the totality phase may be difficult to see at times. 

A 30 percent to 60 percent covered sky is the current cloud forecast for Monday during the eclipse, but as always the new model data could change a bit more between now and Monday so be sure to watch 41 Action News over the weekend and follow us on Facebook & Twitter for the latest updated cloud cover forecast!