Zero For The Euro

Posted at 1:00 PM, Jul 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-22 14:00:27-04

Good morning bloggers,

The weather frustrations are beginning to mount as the rain stays away from our local area. There was a tremendous complex of thunderstorms that tracked across Iowa yesterday and turned over St. Louis. This pattern has been able to produce consistent rains around the KC region, with the key word being “around”. We really need a drink of water.

The same pattern continues to cycle regularly and on schedule as shown if you look closely at the Cycle 4 flow on April 9th, and then compare it to a couple of days ago. Tropical Storm Barry fell right into place, and missed KC. In April, KC went into around a 20 day dry spell, and we are currently in a similar one now. The weather pattern is cycling through the sixth cycle, and in Kansas City this current cycle has been another wet one with 9.06″ of rain. The seventh LRC cycle begins in around ten days. That picture is from May 28th when the entire mesocyclone wrapped rain around the developing EF-4 Tornado near Lawrence, KS as it tracked towards Linwood. That rain shaft is literally most of the mesocyclone wrapping rain around it as the northern edge of this massive supercell thunderstorm was producing over an inch of rain at KCI Airport and about to drop debris over the runways from the tornado 30 miles away.

Zero For The Euro: Ten Day Rainfall Forecast Totals

The Euro literally has no measurable rain over parts of northeast Kansas into northwest Missouri. There was more rain in this same area yesterday than what is forecast by this model over the next ten days. We will test this on Sunday into Monday with a cold front that will pass through, and we will need it; the cold front and the rain. An Excessive Heat Warning is in effect. Heat Index values may exceed 110° the next couple of days as the heat combines with the humidity

I took this picture above, as Sunny The Weather Dog poses! Have a great day!