Check The Stats: Tim Duncan is one of the best NBA players ever

Posted: 2:24 PM, Jul 12, 2016
Updated: 2016-07-12 15:24:13-04

Tim Duncan retires as the best power forward to play the game of basketball — by a lot.  

Duncan played four full years at Wake Forest University before heading to the NBA draft. He finished college with  more than 1,500 points ; 1,000 rebounds; 400 blocked shots; and 200 assists. 

His first year in the NBA, Duncan walked away with Rookie of the Year honors after averaging a  double double  — 21 points and 12 rebounds. 

The very next year, Duncan brought San Antonio its first NBA championship and won his first finals MVP award. 

And Timmy must've liked the Champagne showers, because he would go on to win four more NBA championships and two more finals MVP awards. 

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Duncan never played anywhere but southwest Texas, and during his 19 seasons, he became the  Spurs' all-time leader  in points, rebounds, blocks and games played. 

And what would a star player be without his coach? Tim Duncan has played for Gregg Popovich his entire career, and there is  no coach-player combo  in NBA history with more wins. 

Duncan's Spurs  haven't missed the playoffs  during his entire 19 years in the NBA — not once. That's good for the best winning percentage in not just the NBA, but also the MLB, NFL and NHL. Duncan's consistent greatness is the best you can find in the four major sports. 

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