Chew Diligence Bonus episode: The World Series of Barbecue

Posted: 6:18 AM, Sep 13, 2018
Updated: 2018-09-13 11:44:40Z

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — This week on a special bonus episode of Chew Diligence, we invite royalty from the realm of Kansas City barbecue to chat about the greatest competition in the world —  The World Series of Barbecue , commonly known as the American Royal.

Cohosts Jill Silva and Lindsay Shively are joined by three star guests:

Wells shares her knowledge of the history of the Royal, and tells us ‘how to American Royal.’ Davis shares the origin story of his alter ego, Remus Powers, Ph. B., and teaches us the oath every judge takes each year before the contest. Megan Day shares her competition experiences (who knew so much could ride on just ONE bite?) and tell us how she and her husband took what started as a hobby and made it a living.