Stock Hill, Kansas City's newest steak house, opens its doors

Posted: 11:38 AM, Dec 01, 2016
Updated: 2016-12-15 13:06:25-05
Kansas City's newest steak house opens
Kansas City's newest steak house opens

Kansas City’s newest steak house opens Thursday just south of the Country Club Plaza.

The minds behind Stock Hill say they hope to bring the sizzle of steak together with contemporary fine dining in Kansas City.

Click and drag the picture for a 360° view of Stock Hill.

A chic, two story dining room with massive chandeliers and a sleek bar greets customers at the old Board of Trade building. In this steak town, a modern space and menu were crucial to Alan Gaylin, owner and CEO of Bread & Butter Concepts.

“When I grew up in Texas, I always heard the best steaks were in the Midwest, in Kansas City, but when I got here it was all about BBQ,” he said.  “When somebody says ‘I want to go to the best local steak house, where is that?’ I want that to be Stock Hill.”

Executive Chef Joe West has been developing the menu since July, putting his unique vision behind classic Kansas City fare.

“It is exciting for me because we are known for our steaks but I feel like we’ve lost a lot of our great steak houses,” he said.

The steaks will come from Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois and the menu does include the famous, bone-in KC Strip.

West says his short ribs are already earning high praise. After cooking sous vide 72 hours, they are glazed in red wine beef jus.

West said he hopes the caramel coffee crumble, bourbon soaked raisins, and smoked beet puree that comes with them evokes Kansas City’s love of BBQ.



That starts with the smoky flavor of the beets.

“I always feel like coffee and BBQ go well together,” he said about the caramel coffee crumble. As for the bourbon soaked raisins, “You can’t have BBQ without bourbon!”

West started his culinary career in his teens at 40 Sardines in Kansas City and it has taken him across the country. He has cooked from Colorado to Las Vegas back to Kansas City most recently with his pop up Kusshi. After two years of hoping to open his own restaurant, he says being Executive Chef at Stock Hill feels right.

West said that creations by Executive Pastry Chef Kelly Conwell are not to be missed either. Stock Hill is now accepting reservations.




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