WATCH: Beer in bottles versus cans

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Many brewers sell beer in different containers, such as bottles or cans, based on beer lovers’ preferences.

Each container affects how much light or oxygen can reach the beer.

Julia Herz with the Brewers Association said light is the enemy of beer. Besides oxygen and age, light will advance beer’s flavor often beyond what a brewer intended.

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A can is 100 percent protected from light. Herz said a bottle, depending on its color and composition, is not 100 percent protected and can let light in.

When you buy beer in bottles, make sure to avoid putting them in sunlight.

Another enemy is oxygen. It can also advance the flavor of a beer, eventually beyond what a brewer desired.

Russ Phillips, the founder of, said canning, if done correctly, seals a can tighter than a bottle and allows less oxygen to get in. A bottle can let some oxygen in.

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