Slainte! 5 KC places to toast St. Patrick's Day

Posted at 5:58 AM, Mar 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-16 18:32:28-04

There are glimpses of Irish culture throughout Kansas City--places where you can find good stories, good folks, good food and good beer. Here are some fun spots to tap into around St. Patrick’s Day. Sláinte!

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1. Llywellyn’s Pub | Overland Park, Kan. (4 stars, 90 reviews): This cool Irish pub in south Johnson County is housed in a renovated 100-year-old church. Irish music and classic pub fare have it as a spot to bookmark on Yelp this St. Patrick’s Day.

2. O’Malley’s Pub | Weston, Mo. (83 reviews, 4 stars): O’Malley’s Pub maybe the fastest way to feel as if you’ve been transported to Ireland. Irish folk songs bounce off of the old stone walls nearly 50 feet underground, and the taps flow with Irish beers including local, award winning Weston Brewing Company brews, which Yelpers love.

3. O’Neill’s Restaurant and Bar | Leawood, Kan. (4 stars, 46 reviews): This local neighborhood bar and grill blends elements of an Irish Pub, including Yelpers’ favorites, the fish & chips and an Irish pot roast.

4. Conroy’s Public House | Overland Park, Kan. (36 reviews, 4 stars): With unique Irish menu items, Conroy’s has quickly become one of Yelpers’ favorite pubs in the area. The cozy atmosphere allows strangers to become friends over a weekend Irish breakfast.

5. Browne’s Irish Marketplace (31 reviews, 4.5 stars): Famous as the oldest Irish business in North America, Browne’s has been a staple since 1887 for Irish culture, food and apparel throughout the year. They always shine around St. Patrick’s Day with gigantic Irish breakfasts, fresh pints and great stories.

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