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'Hopefully we're not the last': America's 1st Black-owned seltzer company started in Kansas City

Kin Seltzer
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Each year, Black History Month is a time to celebrate the achievements and reflect on the histories of Black communities across the U.S. It’s a time to remember successes and struggles alike.

Kin Seltzer is a first-of-its kind company in Kansas City, Missouri, doing everything to ensure it's not the last.

“I did a lot of research. While doing that research I realized there are no Black-owned seltzers in America anywhere and decided to do something about it,” Kin Seltzer founder and CEO Joshua Lewis said.

Kin Seltzer is now the first Black-owned seltzer in America. For Lewis, the name not only hits close to home, but capitalizes on the drink’s meaning.

“Growing up, we told our friends and family they’re kin folk,” he said. “Whenever you drink this drink, it’s for you and your folks. Whether it’s Black, white, Asian, whatever the case may be, it’s for your folks.”

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Kin Seltzer is brewed in-house at Kansas City’s Border Brewing Co., but their work is more than something to drink to.

“It’s really about never having to say this again, being the first in a space,” Lewis said. “It’s 2024, we should’ve already had our own seltzer.”

It’s why he’s hoping to inspire others to break through.

“I hope they see Kin and think, 'I can do that too,'” he said.

Because the pride that comes with being first is knowing your work is far from over.

“First is cool, I’m glad we are the first, but hopefully we’re not the last,” he said.