COVID-19 delta variant a 'discussion with every client' at Kansas City barber shops

The rise in COVID cases prompt concerns for some
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Posted at 8:50 PM, Jul 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-09 23:39:22-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo.  — As the COVID-19 delta variant spreads in the Kansas City metro, it's becoming a hot topic in coffee shops, bars and barber shops.

"The virus is a daily conversation in the barber shop," said Phyllis Manley, owner of Phyllis' Barber Shop in Kansas City. "We got a million questions that we have to answer."

Manley, who advocates for people to get vaccinated, said clients ask for her advice on issues like the vaccine.

"The virus will mutate if we don’t find a way to stop it," she said.

But not everyone takes her advice.

"There’s a lot of people that are hesitant about it and basically you know, I respect their opinion," Manley said. "You have to respect their opinion."

Manley, a Vietnam War veteran, is focused on getting rid of this enemy to save lives.

"The virus is here. How do we deal with it," she said.

Those who visited the shop on Friday afternoon told 41 Action News they were vaccinated, but still are keeping a close eye on the surge in new cases and the spreading delta variant.

"I’m only a little concerned for older people like my mom, even though she’s been vaccinated," client Christopher Barksdale-Burns said.

Kim Watkins, another client, said she was happy she got vaccinated.

Everyone in the shop remains optimistic, hoping in time, this virus will fade away.

"I’m sure our scientists will find an answer," Manley said. "We’re going to defeat this virus, there’s no doubt."