KCMO gets 1,200-plus calls on vaccine form, plans to return messages

Posted at 6:12 PM, Jan 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-26 19:12:23-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department says it will return more than 1,200 calls from people who need help completing a vaccine contact form but warned it could take several weeks to reach everyone.

In just a few days, the KCMO Health Department said it received 1,200 voicemail messages from those who need help with the online form, including many who are elderly or do not have access to a computer.

By submitting a COVID-19 Vaccine Contact Form, KCMO residents will be contacted when it’s their turn to make an appointment to receive a vaccine.

“We are happy that residents who cannot fill out the digital form called us for help,” said Tiffany Wilkinson, manager of the health department’s Communicable Disease Prevention and Public Health Preparedness Division. “We knew there was a need in Kansas City to provide broader access to the Vaccine Contact Form beyond the computer or their phone’s digital plan. It will take several weeks, if not more, to return 1,200 calls, but we are committed to contacting them.”

Those who need help with the online form should call 311 or 816-513-1313. When prompted, press 3 and then 1.

The health department said it’s still urging those who can complete the form online to do so. The form is available in English and Spanish at

Residents will be contacted based on their priority group. The health department currently is vaccinating those in Phase 1A and Phase 1B - Tier 1 under Missouri’s distribution plan. Those phases include health care workers and first responders.

Those phases do not include adults 65 and older or those with high-risk health conditions, but if the health department has open slots or cancellations, people in those groups could be called.

“We can’t stress this enough. Vaccine supplies are severely limited; please be patient,” Wilkinson said.