Social distancing, health precautions top of mind for those venturing out

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Posted at 6:00 PM, Mar 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-29 19:00:33-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On a warm Sunday afternoon people were out enjoying the sunny day.

Some people in Kansas City decided to shop at several stores.

Right now, only essential businesses are allowed to operate. One of those is Waldo Greenhouse.

The owners said they've made a few changes to make sure their customers feel safe.

"We wipe everything down, especially up at our counter and we have the hand sanitizer, masks,” said co-owner Cara Mullen.

The greenhouse is open with a fan inside and a window open to circulate the air.

"We’re keeping a distance from folks and letting them shop around and trying to stay back from them as they’re checking out,” said co-owner Craig Fischman.

Customers of Waldo Greenhouse said they came by because they wanted to get out and do something, and do some yard work.

"I don’t think we should completely shut down our lives because this is going on, we do have to take our precautions,” said customer Chris Reeves.

Several grocery stores across the metro are taking extra precautions besides cleaning the counter every time someone uses it. Many are installing Plexiglas to create a barrier between the customer and cashier.

Shoppers also do their part to keep clean while at the grocery store.

"Doing things like wiping off the carts when we go, just to try that extra precaution,” said Kansas City, Missouri, resident David Safley.

"I’m still going but I’m really trying to find non-peak hours. And I’ve been going to like Trader Joe's, which is keeping things like super clean and if I pull in and there’s a half dozen cars I don’t even go in,” said KCMO resident Janice Kinney.

It’s a new social norm Kansas Citians are getting adjusted to while still trying to enjoy a nice day.

Even when it’s a beautiful day, doctors urge those who go out to practice safe health measures to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.