Details released in Lenexa incident resulting charges for 2 teens

Lenexa Police Department.
Posted at 11:11 AM, Dec 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-28 12:11:14-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Court documents have revealed new details in a case where two 18-year-olds are charged with a variety of crimes in Lenexa.

Donnellya Amrine is charged with attempted first-degree murder, attempted aggravated robbery and shooting at an occupied vehicle. Malachi Walton is charged with felony defacing of a firearm, misdemeanor marijuana possession and carrying a concealed weapon.

All charges stem from a Dec. 9 incident in Lenexa near a group of hotels.

An affidavit shows the investigation into the incident is more lengthy and complex than initial police reports indicated.

According to the document, it all started when Lenexa police were called to the side of Interstate 35 near West 95th Street around 11 p.m. because a Johnson County Sheriff's Office deputy had found a car reported stolen in an armed carjacking earlier that day.

Officers determined the hood of the car was still warm so the suspects might still be in the area.

The victim of the armed carjacking had told police she and her friend were at a store at 99th Street and Holmes Road in Kansas City, Missouri. She was waiting in the car while her friend was inside the store.

She told police a man followed her friend out of the store and approached the car. The victim said the man put a gun to her head and ordered her out of the vehicle before he and another person took the vehicle and left.

The affidavit reads that while officers were investigating the I-35 scene, several calls reporting sounds of gunshots were taken by police dispatchers. The sounds were heard in the area of Lenexa Drive and Rosehill Road.

An officer in the area who was responding to the I-35 scene noticed two people walking on Lenexa Drive north of Westgate Road in the area of a Holiday Inn, the same area where the shots were heard.

The officer said one was wearing a red hoodie and the other was wearing a black hoodie and both wore surgical masks. The former was identified as Amrine and the latter as Walton.

Documents state the officer asked the two if they saw or heard anything in the area and they said they heard shots in the area of Motel 6 and that that's where they were staying in "room seven." However, Amrine gestured at the Super 8 when she talked about where they were staying and the officer stated they knew the Motel 6 had three-digit room numbers.

Because of the odd statement, the officer asked if he could pat the two teens down and called for backup due to the proximity of the shots fired call.

The affidavit states the two teens did not want to be patted down initially. The officer felt a bulge in Walton's waistband that the teen tried to say was an insulin pump, but the officer raised his shirt to reveal it was a handgun stashed away with an empty magazine well. Marijuana was also found on Walton.

Both teens were detained at that time.

A pat-down found a gun magazine in Amrine's sweatshirt that was missing several rounds. Officers noted that the bullets in the magazine matched the one found left in the 9mm Glock that was recovered. The gun also had its serial numbers defaced.

At that time, a witness told officers they saw the pair involved in a shooting at the Holiday Inn nearby.

A victim was waiting for police in the hotel parking lot. They were not injured.

The victim told police he exited his hotel room to smoke and two people approached as he entered his vehicle - one with a red hoodie and one with a black hoodie, both wearing surgical masks.

Amrine reportedly tried to force open the door and demanded the victim exit his car. When the driver put the car in reverse to flee, Amrine reportedly pulled out a handgun and pointed it at him.

The gun was reportedly fired several times and bullets struck the vehicle.

The victim then told police he saw both people cross Rosehill Road and walk toward the Radisson hotel.

Walton had reportedly stood to the side and watched the altercation.

Video surveillance from another hotel shows the two teens walking from the Holiday Inn through the Raddison parking lot and to the QuikTrip, which is where the Lenexa officer stopped them.

Court documents state Amrine told police she took a Z-Trip to the area and the driver asked her to get out. She said the two were on their way to meet up with other people at a hotel but were stopping at QuikTrip first. Amrine said she heard the shots when she was headed to the gas station.

When told about the surveillance video, Amrine reportedly "laughed and said she ran from the bullets and ran to Quiktrip" and that the gun found on her was in her pocket when she woke up.

Walton reportedly shrugged and said he had nothing to hide when police questioned him and did not answer any further questions.

Lenexa police say the investigation is ongoing.

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