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Kansas City community reacts to Colorado mass shooting

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Posted at 9:15 PM, Mar 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-24 00:17:04-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On the heels of two mass shootings, President Joe Biden pleaded for the Senate to pass two House-approved bills to close the gaps on background checks for gun sales.

One bill would require background checks on nearly all gun purchases, including transactions involving private or unlicensed sellers. The other would expand a background check review period from three to 10 days.

“No matter what they do, it only affects the good guys,” Charles Weston said.

Weston owns Drum Magazines in Kansas City. He said he would rather focus on the laws already in place instead of imposing new ones, like the two House-approved bills.

“The bad guy is going to get a gun one way or another, whether he takes it or whatever the case may be,” Weston said. “He’s going to find that weapon before that 10-day period.”

Ten people lost their lives during Monday’s mass shooting at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado. The news of the tragedy stopped Mindy Corporon “in her tracks.”

“One murder is very difficult, and then multiple... the ripple of hate go[es] on forever," she said. "The families that have been effected are going to be effected the rest of their lives."

Corporon lost her father and son, Reat, after a gunman shot and killed them outside of the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park. She started the Faith Always Wins Foundation in their memory.

“We know that we’re needed and we know that Atlanta will need to address what’s going on in their community and Colorado, Boulder in particular, will need to address what’s going on in their community, and we will be there to help them," she said. "We will be there to provide support and offer support."