Police: Five suspects kidnapped KCK couple

Woman tells bank teller she's been kidnapped
Posted at 8:55 PM, Nov 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-22 19:48:14-05

On Monday night Brittani Hamson was within eyesight of the Kansas City, Kansas police operation that ended a frightening afternoon for a couple who told police they were kidnapped. 

“She would have had to been really brave; that must've been scary for her. I was scared and I'm just over here,” Hamson said.

The beginning of the end for the alleged captors was at the Bank Midwest on 78th and State.

“They wanted some money so they were going to withdraw some money from the bank,” Officer Patrick McCallop, a KCKPD spokesman, said.

One of the victims, a young woman, handed over a note saying she was being held against her will. 

Police showed up and arrested the man who drove her to the bank. 

The woman told police several other suspects were holding her boyfriend hostage inside an apartment on North 1st Street.

“They had their couches up against the windows. Cops kept yelling at them to put it down so that they could see them,” Hamson said. “None of them would come out.”

Police taped off several blocks as SWAT members swarmed the apartment building. 

“I heard them telling to come out and knocked on the door for hours and hours, they wouldn't come out. [Police] told me to stay inside and don't come out,” Annes Reese, who lives next door to the operation, said.

Eventually four suspects including a woman surrendered. 

Police are commending the victim’s quick thinking at the bank. Detectives are still investigating when and how the couple was initially kidnapped. 

Charges for the five suspects are pending.  



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