Leavenworth man sentenced to nearly 14 years in prison in death of fiancée

Prison bars
Posted at 3:52 PM, May 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-26 12:02:56-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo.  — A Leavenworth man will spend 166 months, or nearly 14 years, in prison for his role in the death of his fiancée.

Andrew Wieland previously pleaded guilty to three charges in the death of Heather Wunderlich. The incident happened on May 30, 2019.

On that day, officers responded to a home and reported Wieland was "frantic" while speaking with them.

Wieland told police that Wunderlich had fallen down the stairs while he was asleep.

Investigators from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation assisted in processing the scene and found blood splatter patterns which indicated there was a possible struggle.

An autopsy later revealed Wunderlich suffered multiple injuries including a hyoid bone in her throat, which was fatal.

Wieland was sentenced to 128 months on an involuntary manslaughter charge, 32 months for an aggravated battery charge and six months for interference of law enforcement charge.

He'll serve the sentences consecutively.