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Missouri Sen. Rick Brattin refuses comment after sharing social media post after parade shooting

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Posted at 8:13 PM, Feb 22, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In the hours after a deadly mass shooting occurred as the Chiefs rally wrapped up, speculation about possible suspects began circulating on social media.

Denton Loudermill, an Olathe man, became the focus of several viral posts that falsely identified him as an "illegal immigrant" and accused him of being the rally shooter.

False information posted

One of the now-deleted posts was shared by X account Deep Truth Intel.

It showed Loudermill handcuffed around police with a caption that identified him as a 44-year-old shooter.

Loudermill later told KSHB 41 News that like many others attending the parade, he had a few drinks in the celebration.

He was later placed in handcuffs and walked in them for a few blocks, but was never cited.

Missouri Sen. Rick Brattin (R - Harrisonville) was among those who reposted multiple false posts about Loudermill.

One repost was of a now-deleted post, in which Brattin shared a quote mentioning President Joe Biden, saying "close the border."

KSHB 41 spoke with Brattin over the phone on Thursday.

Asked to address the posts he made on social media, Brattin said he had "no comment."

Senator questions officials, media

In the same conversation, Brattin later questioned law enforcement involved in the investigation on what took so long to release the names of the suspects.

The senator claimed investigators knew the identity of the suspects who committed the crime within hours but said they instead withheld the names for more than a week.

Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney Jean Peters Baker announced charges and named two suspects — Lyndell Mays and Dominic Miller — on Tuesday.

Mays was charged on the morning of Saturday, Feb. 17.

Peters Baker said she asked the charges to be sealed due to the ongoing investigation into the shooting.

"We asked for the charges in his (Mays) case associated with this event to be sealed, as that investigation was so active and ongoing," Peters Baker said at press conference announcing the charges. "I was not at liberty to talk with you (media) until this moment."

Peters Baker said charges were filed against Miller the night before she announced them.

Two minors have also been charged with gun possession and resisting arrest.

Missouri state law prohibits them for being named because they're minors and their identities will only be released if they're certified as adults.

Still, Brattin said it was a shame on law enforcement and Peters Baker for not naming suspects sooner and also shamed the media, claiming they've twisted things in the shooting.