UPDATE: KCK police say suspects in child's death turned themselves in

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Police said two suspects in a little girl's death have turned themselves in.

Sierra Mitchell and DeVondre Sanders are facing first-degree murder charges.

This past spring, Myra Price apologized to her daughter, Honesty, for leaving her in a vulnerable position that eventually cost the little girl her life.

“There will be times where I would call and he would never let me speak to my daughter at all,” Price said.

In October 2015, Price was going through a rough patch. She left her then 3-year-old daughter in the care of her grandmother.

That grandmother took the girl to her father, DeVondre Sanders and his girlfriend Sierra Mitchell.

Price heard from her daughter on Mother’s Day.

“I asked her if there was something wrong and everything was ok with her and if anybody was being mean and he took the phone,” Price said.

On May 27, KCK police were called to an apartment in this building on Vermont Avenue. Officers found Honesty unconscious.

Paramedics took her to the University of Kansas Hospital.

“That day when my daughter came in into the hospital unresponsive with her lungs crushed and brain damaged someone should've been in custody,” Price said.

A few days later, on June 6, Price told doctors to take her brain-dead daughter off life-support.

Sanders and Mitchell gave police one version of events.

“They told the doctors the bruises on her body came for me and they actually told them that our daughter was autistic,” Price said.

But detectives found evidence that proved otherwise and now need the public’s help to get these two off the streets.

“Don't nobody know what she went through for seven months being with them don't nobody know--you know--we can only imagine what she went through because I know the type of man he was when I was with him,” Price said.

Prosecutor filed charges Monday more than six months after death. The delay was due to KCK police waiting for the completed autopsy file, according to department spokesperson Officer T.J. Tomasic.

Editor's Note: The story previously stated the murder occurred on Sunday, November 27. The change has been made to the story. 



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