Thieves target 20 storage units in Harrisonville

Posted at 9:34 PM, Dec 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-06 23:16:48-05

HARRISONVILLE, Mo.— Police are searching for the pair of men who burglarized 20 storage units in a single heist.

At Harrisonville Self Storage on Rock Haven Road, there’s metal fencing that lines the property and security cameras that record your every move.

As they did late Monday night when a pair thieves drove through a field and right up to the facility’s back fence. They clipped the lock and drove onto the property.

First, they cased their targets, then, 90 minutes later, the suspects’ returned with a stolen trailer and moved into position.

Police said they hit 20 storage units, including Roberta Chastain’s.

“The lock was still on there but the latch that's over this part was broken off and that’s how they were able to get it to move,” Chastain said.

Once inside, they made off with her 55-inch television and a soundbar.

“My heart dropped. I immediately panicked. I'm a single mom of five kids I cannot afford to buy everything over again,” Chastain said.

From the other units, they stole tools, precious metals, and even firearms. Investigators believe they chose these particular units for a simple reason.

“You’re able to move within this particular area pretty well unnoticed especially from the road,” Lt. Chris Osterberg, Harrisonville Police Department said.

Police tell 41 Action News the suspects’ truck is a mid-2000s Ford F-250 that has front-end damage.

Chastain said thieves who target storage units are atrocious.

“Obviously, people use these to store their things when they can’t have them with them that they’ve worked their butts off — excuse my language — to get these items and they just break in and don’t care what they’re taking or who they’re taking it from,” Chastain said.

If you recognize the suspect’s pickup truck or know anything about these thefts call Harrisonville Police at 816-380-8940.