Vandals target and damage Lenexa businesses over and over again

Posted at 4:40 PM, Jun 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-29 19:25:46-04

Lenexa police are asking for your help to crack a case, finding those responsible for causing thousands of dollars in damages to local businesses. 

Since April, police say someone has been targeting storefronts between the 9000 and 9200 blocks of Marshall Drive, shooting windows with either a pellet or BB gun. 

The total property damage so far is estimated at $26,000. 

Lenexa police say the last vandalism happened late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.

“We had a couple of windows blown out. The door was blown out and now overnight, miraculously, we have another one,” said Janet Alley, a kitchen designer at Kitchens, Baths and Unfinished Furniture. 

Alley’s store is the latest business to be vandalized. She came into work Wednesday to find one of her windows completely shattered. 

"We haven’t been hit very much at all in the last couple of weeks and then this … they did it again. I hope they get caught,” she said. 

Lenexa police have been called out over and over again to collect evidence and record the damage. Some businesses have been targeted multiple times. Some businesses have replaced their damaged windows just to have them damaged again. 

"It’s different times of the week. Sometimes it’s on a weekend, it could be a week night, you just never know,” said Robin Balridge, who works at Windows World. 

The number of holes in her store have also piled up.  

Lenexa police are asking anyone with information to call the Crime Stoppers TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477.



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