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#WeSeeYouKSHB: Gladstone couple lends Kansas City nurse RV to live in

Posted at 6:42 PM, Apr 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-21 18:06:30-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Registered nurse Laura Castaneda said her prayers were answered by the generosity of a Gladstone couple who was looking for a way to do their part.

Castaneda works at Truman Medical Center Lakewood and said the pandemic has changed her work life significantly.

"Having an incident command center in charge instead of your direct supervisor, it changes everything," Castaneda said.

It was also affecting her home life. She was living with her aunt but stressed daily about bringing the virus home with her.

"Every time I came home I would just have to cover my traces, make sure I clean everything I touch, I was staying in my room," Castaneda said.

Castaneda said her sister found out about a Facebook page called 'RVs For MDs to Fight the Coronavirus,' which connects willing RV owners with medical professionals who need a place to stay.

"I just applied and thought okay I'll try whatever I've got to do," Castaneda said. "I was looking for Aibnbs, I was looking for hotels that might be open, anything at this point."

Within a few days, the page connected her with Gladstone couple Brian and Teresa McMillan.

Brian McMillian said he and his wife had been searching for a way to help out medical professionals and first responders when they came across the Facebook page.

"People like firefighters, law enforcement, nurses and doctors, they truly are the heroes, they are putting other people's lives in front of their own needs," McMillan said.

McMillan said he and his wife are true believers in helping others who need it.

"Having come from another country when I was a young man and coming to the United States, the greatest country in the world, you're always looking for ways to pay back and show your appreciation for all of the things we have here," McMillan said.

The couple met Laura last week, gave her the keys, and she moved in.

"I feel like I've won the lottery," Castaneda said. "They are the most thoughtful and giving, generous people."

The couple stocked it with cleaning supplies and food and even left Laura a thank you note and flowers.

"It's been a true blessing for sure," Castaneda said.

The McMillans say Laura can stay in their RV as long as she needs to. They hope other RV owners out there will realize they have a chance to make a difference too, and it's sitting right in their driveway.

"Hopefully if we touch one other person that can reach out and help a nurse or any other first responder, it's well worth it," McMillan said.

For any RV owners who might be concerned about contamination, McMillan said he's done research and learned owners will need to let it sit for about a week before going in and cleaning.