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'A little jaw dropping': Season ticket holders react to Chiefs winning back-to-back Super Bowl titles

James Barnett
Posted at 9:37 PM, Feb 12, 2024

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — No matter where you were for Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday night, everyone was probably on edge during the final seconds of the game.

"I was pacing and yelling at the TV," Jeremy Nickell said.

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Then, Chiefs fans could exhale knowing their team won back-to-back Super Bowl titles.

"The very last play — we were in the [Elks] lodge, and I thought the roof was gonna come off the place," Richard Tipton said.

They are an example of fans who made an investment long before the Chiefs became champions.

"We all saw them play through the '90s and we're all still watching," James Barnett said.

Barnett and Tipton have been season ticket holders for two years. Nickell has been a season ticket holder for 17 years.

There are a total of 12 people in their group from all different parts of Missouri who call their transportation to games the "KC Chiefs Battle Wagon."

They take it to every home game. Every detail of the ride was created by them.

KC Chiefs Battle Wagon
A group of 12 season ticket holders put hundreds of hours into turning this bus into their ride for Chiefs' home games.

"Each of the season ticket holders have their name on this bus," Tipton said. "Mark is above the door."

It's in memory of a man named Mark Hatcher, who convinced the group's longest season ticket holder, Jeremy Nickell, to take a chance on the team.

"I wish he could see the ride we're on now," Nickell said. "We lost him right before Mahomes took the regime of quarterback full time."

KC Chiefs Battle Wagon
A group of 12 season ticket holders take their ride, the "KC Chiefs Battle Wagon" to all of the home games they attend.

If you've been around as a Chiefs fan long enough, you remember when there weren't any glory days.

"Oh yeah. It sucked, I ain't gonna lie," Barnett said.

It's still sinking in for some of them that they have bragging rights.

"We're winning back to back Super Bowls now," Tipton said.

Being a Chiefs season ticket holder for them means they're just going along on the ride to the next one.