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'At the mercy of the weather': Shawnee residents still cleaning up from March hail storm

Shawnee hail storm
Posted at 6:29 PM, Apr 26, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Home and car repairs are ongoing in one Shawnee neighborhood hit with golf ball-sized hail in March.

Residents are crossing their fingers the repairs will hold in the event of more severe weather this weekend.

"It totally gave me PTSD from here on out when it comes to storms,” Michelle Nicole, a Shawnee resident, said.

And storms aren't all Michelle is recovering from.

"We had broken windshields, broken moon roofs, our cars were covered in dents that looked like golf balls,” she said. “A lot of people in our neighborhood are getting new roofs, new siding."

Michelle said the process hasn't been easy.

"It's been a financial devastation for us," she said. "I mean, coming up with deductibles of $1000 per vehicle, that was extremely hard."

And insurance has become just one more worry.

"When we called our insurance, we were basically told that if we make another claim on our homeowner's insurance that they're going to drop us, and we'd have a hard time finding homeowner's insurance again because we've had two claims in the past four years,” Michelle said.

Chris Foster, who lives near Michelle, had roof damage from the March storm, but he was able to get it repaired.

"I was told that if we didn't look to get it scheduled now, maybe late summer or fall before the work would even be able to be completed,” Foster said. "My biggest concern now is if we get another storm of that magnitude, whether it be wind, hail, or tornado, my biggest concern is going to be going through the process again and what insurance is going to look like, potential increases in premium."

Neither want this outcome again.

"We're really left at the mercy of the weather,” Michelle said.