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Bill Self: KU men's basketball has new mindset going into 2024 NCAA Tournament

Bill Self
Posted at 5:58 PM, Mar 20, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — University of Kansas men's basketball head coach Bill Self said preparing this year's team for the 2024 NCAA Tournament feels different than it has in years past at a press conference Wednesday in Salt Lake City, Utah.

With KU losing its last four out of five games going into March Madness, a scholarship reduction resulting in less players on the bench and star guard Kevin McCullar out of the tournament with a knee injury, Self admitted the team has had to adjust its mindset.

“I think that when you feel you’re more talented, you go into it believing you can score enough, and sometimes when you take out the offense, fire power or whatever, now I think it’s OK that your mindset kind of changes, saying, ‘Well, if the other team can’t score, we can’t lose,’ whereas before, ‘We’re going to be fine if the other team scores,’” Self said. “So, I think there’s kind of a mindset, like what is our personality going into this situation? I know what I want it to be.”

Despite McCullar, the team's leading scorer, being out, Self delivered some good news about star center Hunter Dickinson, saying he has no limitations going into the tournament after dislocating his shoulder in the regular season's finale game against Houston.

"I feel good," Dickinson said when asked about his shoulder. "I'm ready to be out there with my teammates."

Star point guard Dajuan Harris was alongside Dickinson at the press conference on Wednesday.

“We need him, he knows we need him," Harris said about Dickinson.