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Bullets tear through townhouses, cars in KCMO neighborhood

Posted at 10:16 PM, Apr 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-15 23:17:37-04

Police are investigating after shots rang out at a townhome complex near 23rd and Wheeling on Sunday afternoon.

A caller reported hearing 20-30 shots at the Blue Valley Court Townhouses around 4:30 p.m. When Kansas City police officers arrived on scene, they found bullet holes in three buildings and a couple cars.

No one was hurt, but 41 Action News spoke with one family of four who took cover as bullets whizzed by in their home. Because of all the violence in the neighborhood, they were too afraid to talk on camera.

Data from the past three months shows 49 crimes reported in the area, 28 of which were violent.

Two crimes in 2017 brought 41 Action News to the neighborhood.

On June 6, two men with gunshot wounds showed up at a fire station near 22nd and Hardesty. They told police officers they were shot at Blue Valley Court.

Just a couple weeks later, 8-year-old Tishawn Nelson was shot in the head at the playground by her home in the very same neighborhood. The bullet shattered her skull, but the little girl is making a miraculous recovery. Not wanting to impede her progress or put her in more danger, the family decided to move away from Blue Valley Court.

"It's dangerous to bring my daughter back down there to that environment," LaTisha Slayden, Tishawn's mother, said in August of last year.

Although their two children were not injured, the family we spoke with Sunday said they're looking for a new home because of the violence in the area.