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Chiefs work with Kansas City nonprofit to donate food to families in need

Chiefs Executive Chef Erin Wishon
Posted at 3:45 PM, Sep 08, 2023

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Countless families across the country don’t know where their next meal will come from.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), food waste makes up almost 40% of the nation’s food supply.

That's the equivalent of more than $400 billion in wasted food, according to Feeding America.

Efforts are happening in Kansas City to reverse this statistic. The Chiefs are helping a Kansas City nonprofit donate food to families in need.

Pete’s Garden tackles food waste by redirecting uneaten and untouched food to organizations serving families in need.

Erin Wishon is the executive chef for the Chiefs. Her staff is contributing prepared, high quality, nutrient-packed food uneaten by the Chiefs.

If you’ve ever wondered what the Chiefs eat, this includes dishes like salmon, beef filets, shrimp cocktails, yogurt parfaits and more.

“Just really get them what they need to be their best version on the field,” Wishon said.

Her food fuels every practice and home game. Now, Pete’s Garden will stop by after each practice and home game too.

“We try to get all the food we pickup out on the same day,” said Craig Colbert, the operation specialist for Pete’s Garden.

Once they pick up the food, they’ll transport it in their refrigerated van donated by the Hunt Family Foundation back to their downtown kitchen.

“Volunteers will portion it out and we will take it to various pantries and organizations,” Colbert said. “It feels good, both from the aspect of knowing that it’s not going to waste, and that it’s helping to feed families.”

Wishon may fuel the reigning Super Bowl champions, but she said the team’s humility feels like they’re sitting at the same dinner table.

“These guys are in their 20’s. Normal, 20-year-old guys. They’re nice, they just have different jobs than us,” Wishon said.

After all, this kind of fuel is about more than just what’s on the table.

“We may facilitate families being able to spend more time together, and kids being able to spend time on homework,” Colbert said.

You can visit Pete’s Garden’s website if you’d like to donate, or volunteer.