Christmas Grinches deflate holiday for 2 families

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — 'Tis the season for holiday cheer but for two families in the Kansas City metro, Christmas is now a little duller after someone vandalized their holiday decorations. 

“Whenever we are putting stuff up, especially the arches, people will stop and say, ‘I love how you do your Golden Arches,’” said Kristi Landers. “I just don’t understand.” 

The Independence woman prides herself on her families’ decorations. They tell 41 Action News Christmas is their “favorite time of the year” but this week they were paid an unexpected visit by a Christmas Grinch. 

Someone, Landers said, slashed one of her Santa Clause inflatables and cut the strings to her other decorations. 

But her family isn’t alone. A couple miles away, Kalee Grande was also visited by a Grinch. 

She said someone removed some of her multi-colored light bulbs and cut the cords to some of the lights. All of the cuts done in a clean manner preventing Grande and her husband from using the lights.

“It’s sad, it really is, especially this time of year,” she told 41 Action News. 

But instead of letting vandals deflate their Christmas spirit, both the Landers and the Grandes are putting up more Christmas decorations and repairing what they can. Grande, for example, put up garland all along her fence Tuesday night. 

“I decided if they were going to destroy my lights I would put up more stuff and let them know you can hit me but I am not going to go down,” she said. 

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