UPDATE: KC police release ID of woman killed

UPDATE: KC police release ID of woman killed
UPDATE: KC police release ID of woman killed
UPDATE: KC police release ID of woman killed
UPDATE: KC police release ID of woman killed
Posted at 4:49 PM, Sep 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-16 17:49:39-04

The woman who died in connection with a shooting and a car crash has been identified by police. 

Mariana Hernandez–Gonzales, 30, died as a result of the crash that happened on Tuesday night. 

Meanwhile, Kansas City Police Department Chief Darryl Forte said the six children who were injured are expected to survive.

According to Sgt. Kari Thompson, two cars were driving and shooting at each other Tuesday night. 

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A third car carrying an adult woman driver and six children crashed their vehicle trying to get away from the gunfire. The adult woman died at the scene of the crash and the children were taken to Children’s Mercy Hospital. 

"An innocent vehicle driving in this area, unbeknownst to them, somehow got into an accident with these individuals, that passenger in that innocent vehicle is deceased here at the scene" said Sgt. Kari Thompson.

Dedra lives nearby and heard everything unravel. She and her family were the first to respond to the crash after hearing cries for help.

"[The oldest child’s] arm was broken; he had bone coming out of his arm,” Dedra said. “My husband and brother-in-law went down there to try to help revive [the mother]."

Dedra lost the father of her children in an accident, which made Tuesday night's scene that much harder to witness.

To help, she's created a GoFundMe page to help Hernandez-Gonzales’s children.

"I would like the community to come together and do what they can to try and get money raised to help these poor kids that's living their life without a mother now. Six of them from one to seven,” said Dedra.  

One person was shot as a result of the gunfire exchange between the two cars and is in critical condition.

Police were involved in car chase with one suspect for about 45 minutes. The suspect was apprehended near 18th and Jackson and is being held for questioning. 

Sgt. Thompson released the following statement on the incident: 

"We'll be able to provide more info when we figure this all out this is an ever evolving scene, a tragic tragic scene. This community, we have got to get a clue. Every life matters in our community.  Every life matters.  Whether you live south of the river, north of the river. If you live in Kansas City, the urban core is your community. Let's not turn a blind eye to this area."

Anyone with information is encouraged to call police or the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477.


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